Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My poor neglected blog

Oh dear Lord, I have NOT blogged like in....FOREVER... I have no idea why I have been so lax.  Its not as if I had nothing to write or to report on.  Trust me, its not all smiles and roses.  Hell the drama just gets worse and then just when you think it cant get any worse it actually does.

Good news is that Aran raced this weekend that just passed, and did a tremendous job.. Ooooh fuck that noise let elocution go out the window and ..NOT gonna speak like that...lemmie tell you how it is homie..he did fucken well man.  2nd in the 1st race and then in the second race the ferring started coming off and dragging which made him slow down.  He ended 6th but still ended 3rd overall.  Not to shabby for someone who only realised the day before that he was gonna race.  My voice was gone for 3 days... (I think the old man here is very happy.  (My bosses father) cos he shits me out daily.... Telling me I talk too loud..AS IF.... ok ok so I do, and i know but hell you know, how does one silence a talker... pfffffft) 

So glad that Arans sponsor had come through, which without him, there would have been no racing.  What an awesome sponsor he has.  Thanks to the sponsor I have started drinking again cos you know the nerves are a bit frazzled when the boykie races superbikes,..... was good to feel the vibe again.. bloody awesome actually....Now that I no longer drink Vodka, I seem to behave.  I think the fact that I am no longer drinking the ponchos also helps a lot!!! I now drink Jaegie....EEEWWW actually,  but I do tell Megan, Channy and myself that its herbal and its good for us..........Then the next day he cycled the Argus.  Craaaaaazy I tell ya... he did not miss a beat.  3h03min.  done and dusted and then cycled yesterday and today and every other day I suppose.  He does encourage me to cycle.  I am of the opinion that if I lie to him and tell him that I am peddling on my electric bike, that he would believe me but then that would encourage him to push me harder, which in turn would just scare me, cos he is a tough nut, and I doubt very much if I would actually like him to be my gym master.  Aran is one tough cookie 

I know I am the antithesis of my son.  Where he is skinny, I am.... big boned???? LOL naah KIDDING.... I am a proper duk stuk in the full sense of the word.  Hey, before you say stop knocking yourself, please remember that I vow to speak the truth and only the truth about my weight...... I am FAT...thats the truth and that is not knocking anyone or anything... Knocking things could be fun..but aaaarg.... not yet.  

So right now I am back at zumba.  I dance twice a week like a bloody crazy latin freak...not the normal ones trust me..... cos my tits just jiggy all bloody over the show....not quite normal,.... and well,  I am convincing myself that I have a plan...a very good plan indeed to lose weight...The plan.....DO NOT DIET!!!!!!!... bloody hell.... lets see how thats gonna work for me.  When I leave zumba class, I am sure that I am much lighter cos I sweat my arse off in that class.  So now, I have decided to see a Hypnotist.  I told him what to say while I am under but I doubt if he will listen..  I just want him to tell me that I cant eat when happy or when sad....LOL... now imagine that. I want him to tell me that I must eat 5 small meals a day and drink water......shit a brick I should make sure to tell him to say that each portion is the size of a california roll.. that should do it.... or the little bowl that you put your soya sauce in... oh dear Lord, now this is making me think of sushi,... and now hungry.. Dammit if all else fails I am gonna wire my jaw shut... bloody hell.... but dont worry.  Next time you hear from me, I will be thinner, I cant tell you how much, I still don't know which manner is gonna do it...but one of them sure is gonna work

Oh. there has been some hectic drama in the family, but its too soon.  Way too soon to talk about it. 

For now I shall say toodle to you noodles...and catch up soon... I missed blogging!!! damn its been cathartic

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