Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bumps and Bruises and other stuff

Hi there, I have been itching to write about my latest damaging skills... (to myself that is).... After the last blog when I discovered that hellova big bruise amongst others, I realised that Naughty Natalie is a rather wild child I need to subdue the bitch... Kinda calm her down.. dont know how the hell that is suppose to happen....

On Friday night, Channy, Janine and Krishna decided they wanted a potjie.  Fair play to them it really was a good call and I swear I am gonna try that on a pot on the stove cos it was delish!!!.   Anyway, we were sitting outside just chatting and when I look up I see the gals are putting make up on.... MAKE UP... for a potjie... no boys present...REALLY?  Hmmmm this I found rather interesting and decided that I better do the same.  I went into the house and went to look for my evening gown but alas, Toya obviously put it away and I could not find it, so I just put on my feather boa, stiletoes and of course the ever present make up... with bright red lipstick..  After all a gal needs that bit of red to bring out the Marilyn in her.  When I got outside the bitches laughed. Except for Michelle who had just arrived and of course Shane  I was like what the hell?  Hmmm shows you, they do learn that if you do something, you simply have to do it with aplomp......  Shit, thinking about it.....  I really want that recipe.  I am so bloody useless at cooking ok ... perhaps I should start a TV show on how not to cook.  I do have the very short hair and the burn marks to prove it.....

Now to tell you about my NEW bumps and bruises..... After the bathroom had been redone... and boy does it look hot, not only did all the drains get blocked... and blocked BADLY..... in fact, so bad that my mother and Channy BOTH flooded the house all the way to the kitchen.  I can understand Channy cos she is blonde, but shit man, my mother... pffffft.... Anyway, I kinda cleaned the drains out and was really happy that I could use the new open shower.  I have a massage shower head so it really is a fab thing.  Anyhow,  I got into the new improved shower, turned the water on...and BAM.... the damn shower head fell on my head.  I got a moerse fright and a groot knop.  Now those of you that wanna call me knopkop can cos I do have one.  Anyway, I  am now showering under what can only be described as single flow..... (imagine a man urinating... its straight down)... that is what I am dealing with now.....  just a pathetic single flow.......Not a problem though cos I am having it fixed before Sat.  Hell yea...

Sat is race day again.... whoop whoop.   I love my race days.  So proud of my son racing a 1000 superbike.  I think its the only time he cant hear me moan....KIDDING goodness I do not moan THAT much....  Ya, when you have a child, you need hair on your teeth. (vodka).... and big balls (vodka).

Its gonna be fabulous, cos Megan, Channy, Janine and Sasha are all going to be there... Yes sir, it can only be good.... I will be wearing flat shoes however, (thats what I am thinking now ) dont know if its going to happen though but for now its a good thought.

Have a fantastic week further people.....God Bless and keep smiling

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